Minutes M.C.M. Brussels 2011-03-23

FEDFA M.C.M. Minutes – Brussels 23/03/2011.


Fedfa Members Present:


Franz Vogelmayer (FV)……Austria   President.

Asger Wiuff Andersen (AA)……Denmark   Hon: Treasurer

Tony Armitage (TA)……Great Britain Sec:General

Patrick van Aubel (PvA)……France

Morten Nystad (MN)……Norway

Paul Audenaerde (PA)……Belgium

Stefan Voell (SV)……Germany

Rudolf Kratzer (RK)……Germany

Radim Kotrba-Maugli (M)……Czech. Rep.

Hanspeter Daenzer (HD)……Switzerland

Andrej Tolstoy (AT)……Sweden

Peter Timmerman (PT)……Holland

Dainis Paeglitis (DP)……Latvia

Antonio Canoris (AC)……Spain

Manuel Reglero (MR)……Spain


Apologies were received from: Tomas Landete-Castillejos, John Fletcher, Bartlomiej Dmuchowski, Greg Potterton, Carolynne Ellis-Jones, Andreas Svensson.


1)    The President (FV) opened the meeting by welcoming the delegates to Brussels, he then went on to welcome the new faces around the table from Germany (RK) and from Spain (AC & MR). He also expressed a wish that it would be a successful meeting especially as Dr. Yves Lecocq the Secretary General of FACE would be attending the meeting later, and give us a presentation on the work of FACE.

2)    Approval of the MCM minutes from the Meeting 24/09/10: These were accepted as being a true report of the proceedings, and were signed off by FV.

3)    Matters Arising: No matters were discussed.

4)    SANCO Activities Report: This discussion was opened by FV. He said that the Meat & Hygiene Regulations 853and 854/2004 hand now been changed to the new regulations 150/151 /2011  after serious lobbying by the member states of FEDFA, and that FEDFA was to be congratulated on the work done to achieve the change. He reminded the delegates that the main change made, was the need to have a vet. present to witness an animal being slaughtered in the field. From now on the farmer is allowed to attest that the correct slaughter and bleeding has been performed. However, as the implementation of this new legislation is not compulsory for the member states, the national deer farmers associations will have to get in touch with their national authorities. It is still necessary to have animals to be slaughtered, anti-mortem inspected up to 72 hours prior to slaughter. FV stressed that it was up to each country to interpret the rules according to their local rules and regulations. This point led to a long discussion on how each country would interpret the change in regulations 150/2011 &151/2011.

MN said that Norway had already accepted the new regulations.

M said that ‘hunters’ had to pass a course, but farmers were being treated differently and there would have to be national legislation passed in Czech Rep. M asked if all countries could send any new local legislation that may be passed to FV for distribution.

PT made the point that he thought it disappointing that as each country could interpret the new regulations differently, and then it would not be uniform across Europe.

RK & SV made the point that the German government had managed to change the time limit from 72 hours to 28days for the anti-mortem inspection. FV said that this was the case also in Austria.

PA thought it would be helpful that when Germany and Austria had officially achieved this derogation, then the paper work connected with this should be distributed to other members of FEDFA in order that they may convince their governments. It really was necessary that every government acted in unison. FV undertook to keep the membership fully informed as to the progress in this matter.

5)    Czech Rep. Report: M gave a very full report on the progress in certain matters that were or had been affecting the Czech farmers to enable them to farm deer. One of his main concerns now was the implementation of a European Organic farming structure, for deer farmers in the Czech Rep.. Several countries brought to the meeting their Organic rules, but he found it strange that as in the latest SANCO regulations, it appeared that each country interpreted the rules regarding Organic farming to suit local conditions and requirements, especially as deer had not been specifically mentioned. In fact in some countries farmers were not allowed to farm deer organically.

6)    PA’s report on his meeting with Dr.Yves Lecocq:  as YL was giving a presentation later, and there would be time to question YL, no report was given.

7)    Germany’s request to link Bison to Deer as farmed game: SV pointed out the difficulties that German Bison farmers were having with the vet. Authorities regarding the need for these farmers to ear tag and TB test etc. As he represented Bison & Deer farmers in Germany, he asked that perhaps FEDFA could help the Bison farmers attain ‘wild game’ status and so alleviate the need for domestic animal rules and regulations. Although the delegates listened with a sympathetic ear, AT suggested we had too many problems of our own to sort out, before taking on extra work.

8)    Dr Yves Lecocq: as Secretary General of FACE, had been invited by PA to address our meeting. This took the form of a power point presentation which will be made available to members of FEDFA. Following his presentation, a lively discussion followed that pointed up not only the differences between ‘wild’ and ‘farmed’ deer, but also a lot of similarities. FV thanked YL for his time with us and invited him to join us for dinner that evening which was accepted. YL also invited us to meet next year for our MCM meeting in their office in order to get a real ‘feel’ of the work that they do.

9)    Website situation: FV said that it was generally acknowledged that our FEDFA website originally established many years ago needed updating, and that Rolf Erikson had offered to do this. It was agreed that a small working committee should be established to progress this, consisting of FV, M, AA,&TA. TA to write to Rolf and to start the process. Thanks were expressed to Trygve Solheim for all his passed work as webmaster.

10)New Cap Proposals: These were circulated in printed note form to all the delegates by FV. He pointed out that they were not due to take effect until 2014, by which time they may have been much altered. PA suggested that we should start lobbying our national Governments immediately in order to obtain the best results for Deer Farmers. Below are listed the salient points:-

*Adjustment of single farm payments between “old” and “new” EU-member states.

 (Proposal: Av. Of 210 euros/ha for “new” members and 290 euros/ha for “old” members. Also Payments/ha shall differ between member states)

*No payments on “historic basis”

*Single farm payments for deer farmers?

*Greening of “Column 1” (single farm payment) (Requirement to protect environment, “Column2” –organic farming-)

*How much money will be on the table for CAP? (At the moment 42% of EU budget is for agricultural payments; future may be 33%?)

11) Destination of Autumn Meeting: PT said that the Dutch Deer Farmers would like to invite FEDFA for the Autumn meeting to Holland on September 24/25 2011. He could not at this time give a full programme, but there would be a visit to a Dutch deer farm, a large game abattoir and a chance to visit Amsterdam. FV thanked PT for this invitation, and TA will write and officially thank the Dutch deer farmers through PT. The Spanish delegation (AC & MR) then invited FEDFA to hold the Autumn meeting of 2012 in Spain. Again FV thanked Spain for their kind invitation.

12) Any other Business: DP reminded the meeting that the Latvian Association would again be holding an international Deer Antler competition for Red and Fallow deer cast antlers divided into 6age groups. This competition will take place in Latvia 16-20 June2011. Please contact DP for details.


The meeting closed at 6.30pm and was followed by dinner at 7pm. Thanks were given to PA for arranging the meeting room and the dinner.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Tony Armitage