Progress of the new website

The progress with the new website havs progressed rather well.

We have now managed to get vounteers for the translations:



Tony Armitage
German Franz Vogelmayer
French ??????
Spanish Tomas Landete-Castillejos 
Dutch Peter Timmerman
Swedish Rolf Eriksson












As you can see we only lack a French translator.

If no frenchspeaking person step forward and volontary translate into French -
Je fais moi-même et personne ne peut le lire!!!


Photos have come in från France, Norway, Scotland and UK bit I would like to have many more.


I would very much like photos of following persons:

Tomas Landete-Castillejos, HansPeter Daenzer, Peter Timmerman, Didiere Roques-Rogery, Janoz Nagy, Gediminas Vaitiekunas, Leszek Glezer, Andrzej Karwala.


I would also be grateful for photos from the meeting in Slovakie 2009 and Switzerland 2010.


I also wish to have photos of fallow deer and other farmed deer species farmed in Europe.

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