Kosher slaughter

On the Yahoo group there has been a discussion last week about kosher slaughter (and to some extent also Halal slaughter). Quite a number of members have particifated in this discussion.


Below you find my personal opinion which is not nessesarily the same as Fedfas. But when I read our Code of Ethics, I think it is.


Kosher slaughter (Jewish):

The animal is killed without any kind of "anestesia" by having its throat cut and then bleed to death. According to all veterinary experts I have read about this is considered inhumane (not only in UK).

As far as I can see it is also forbidden within the EU and probably in the other European nations too.

After writing this blog I today (July 12th) got a mail from Tomás in Spain telling that bleedning without stunning is allowed in Spain according to directive  93/119/CE . I have read this directive in a little bit of hurry, and I can not find that it discuss killing whithout stunning at all. Bleedning to death only is not an accepted method of killing as far as I can se. Perhaps the fact that this is a Directive and not a Regulation gives Spain the possibility to allow it. I will investigate this matter further when my ordinary contact in Swedish Board of Agriculture comes back fromn holidays.


Halal slaughter (Muslim):

The animal is also here killed by a troat cut, but here some form of "anestesia" is allowed before cutting the troat. How it can be anestesised obvisously differs somewhat between countries and different branches of the Muslim religion. You will have to contact local authoroties and local muslim clerks to find out what is allowed and religiosly accepted in your country.

In my country (Sweden) there are forms of Halal slaughter allowed.


I would like to quote the first paragraph of our Code of Ethics:

"That I have an obligation to the deer farming industry to promote the highest standards of husbandry and health of the animals under my care, minimise their distress...." 

The underscore comes from this author.

Kosher slaughter does not fit in here, while Halal slaughter would in most cases where it is allowed. 


Our first and fundemental obligation is to our deer and their welfare - not to support religious traditions! 


Rolf Eriksson

Past president of FEDFA

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