Short history by Franz Vogelmayer:

Deer farming in Austria has a long history. The agricultural keeping of deer has been documented since the 1st century. In the Middle Ages, Fallow deer were kept in royal parks because of their tender and digestible meat; always to be able to offer fresh deer meat at any opportunity. But then over the centuries that way of keeping deer disappeared.

About thirty years ago some farmers who were seeking a new way of utilising grassland for meat production started farming Fallow deer again. In order to support these pioneers, regional associations of deer farmers were founded. The first group to get together was the Organisation of Deer Farmers in Upper Austria in 1981. Then associations in other regions of Austria followed.



Report 2014 by Jurgen Laban

Number of Farms:    838 (in the Association)

Estimated in Austria: 1623

Number of animals:  15.084 hinds, 28.800 hinds

Price breeding hinds: 600 – 800 €

Proportion of fallow deer: 43% of hinds

Protortion of red deer: 30% of hinds

Average farm size: 6 Hectars

Average animals per farm: 18 hinds

Price breeding stags: 1.500 – 2.500 €

Price venison: 4,5 – 5,5 € per kg carcasse weight

Customers: Farm sale – direct to customers

Grants / Subsidies: Single Farm payment (according to GAP 2014-2020) – up to 284 € / ha

Slaughter systems: On farm in the fenced pasture with a rifle / shot in head  or upper neck

Relation to Authorities: 
EU Nr. 853;
Bundestierschutzgesetz 2004 (Federal Act on the Protection of Animals (Animal Protection Act – TSchG)
Ante Mortem Inspection and Post Mortem Inspection by national veterinary authorities
EU Nr. 852/2004


Deer farming in the future

Deer farming will increase in Austria; smaller farms tend to fallow deer – bigger farms to red deer.
Farm sale marketing strategy will carry on but food marts will come in as partner (supermarket chains).


Building up marketing structures for bigger deer farms
keeping the animal protection of deer on an European level
increasing the quality and weight of carcasses





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