Deer Farmers’ Association of the Czech Republic (DFAC)

Prepared by Radim Kotrba, Václav Pa?ízek and Lud?k Bartoš

The first deer farm in the former Czechoslovakia was founded in 1983 and was immediately included in governmental research programme led by Prof. Ludek Bartoš at the recent Institute of Animal Science, Prague. During 1989, after the issue of the final report of the research programme, was organised the first national meeting on deer farming. The increasing interest and number of deer farmers resulted in establishment of the Association of deer farmers of the Czechoslovakia during meeting in Cejc in 1992. During this meeting a member of BDFA Dr. John Fletcher gave an invited plenary talk on deer farming. After the first year of existence the association had 53 members and started to release the Newsletter. After the split of Czechoslovakia into the Czech and Slovak independent republics the Association changed the name to Czech and Slovak Association of deer farmers, when in 1995 after the increasing differences in legislation and topics to solve the Slovaks resigned of membership in the Association. Since that time the association has been named the Deer Farmers’ Association of the Czech Republic (DFAC). During FEDFA meeting in Vienna in 1997 the DFAC became a full member of FEDFA as the first post-communist country. After the initial 11 years Ludek Bartoš resigned from presidency of DFAC and in 2003 Václav Parízek MSc. was elected to chair the association. At the same time, the subject Deer Farming was introduced into the specialized education programme at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague. The DFAC supported by FEDFA organized the 6th International Deer Biology Congress, Prague 2006.

The DFAC unites the deer farmers and deer farming sympathizers to provide information about knowledge of deer biology and farming practices, changes in national and European legislation, commercial possibilities, and representing deer farming in FEDFA to its members. The DFAC leading board organise annual meetings, publishing the Newsletter, runs seminars, courses and lectures of visiting experts in deer biology and/or deer farming, organizes trips to visit deer farmers abroad. Last but not least DFAC lobby for deer farming in the local legislation process. The present activity is trying to legalise slaughter of deer on farm for home consumption without veterinary inspection and to permit organic deer farming in the Czech Republic. The DFAC represents 150 members in 2010. Total number of farms has exceeded 250 in the country with two-thirds of fallow deer and one-third of the red deer farms keeping together about 10 000 animals.


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