Morten Nystad, leder NHF, President FEDFA




Sept 2014.

Unlike the rest of Europe, Norway has no history of keeping deer in parks, but we know that red deer were kept as semi-domesticated animals on the coast of Nordland in the Middle-Ages. During the first part of the 20th century, Fallow deer were imported from Europe to a few locations. Later some animals have crossed the border from Sweden into southeast Norway.

In Norway people became seriously interested in deer farming in the early 1980s, just after New Zealand’s success in this area became known. The first deer-farm was established in 1984, and in 1988 Norsk Hjorteavlsforening (NHF - Norwegian Deer Farmers Association) was founded.

Status  2014,

NHF has a total of 110 members.

There are 92 deer farms, about 85% of which breed Red deer and 15% breed Fallow deer.

The average deer-farm has a herd of about 40 female deer.

In 2013 deer farmers were responsible for providing the Norwegian market with nearly 170 tons of venison. In addition Norwegian hunters culled more than 38 000 wild Red deer every year, providing another 2000 tons. Since Norwegians eat more than 300.000 tons of meat per year, Norwegian deer farming has great potential.

Average price pr kg: 15-20 Euro, mostly private customers, a few restaurants occasionally

Subsidies; Depending on the land etc; but an average about 30% of the total income on the farm.
(Farming in general in Norway average 60%, (vary from 10-150%))

About 30 private Slaughterhouses that take care of the 90 farms

Good relation to authorities, AM 72 hours, PM inspection within one day, price 10Euro/animal. Practicing 853 and 854 is mostly ok, some regions are more strict than others. 

Deer farming is a growing business in Norway, but will hardly become a big industry. The policies of the Norwegian Government regarding deer farming have become increasingly more favorable in recent years, a fact that will help to increase the number of farms in Norway.

The NHF promotes improvements in deer farming and coordinates regulations relating to animal welfare and breeding. In connection with government’s annual agricultural settlement, the NHF lobbies for increased settlements and favourable policies for deer farming. The NHF also publishes NHF-news four times a year, and runs a web-page, The annual general meeting aims to gather all deer farmers in Norway, and is located in different parts of the country, and sometimes abroad. It is always combined with seminars and courses.The Norwegian Red Deer Centre,, is a private resource centre for everyone interested in Red deer, whether they are farmed or wild. Managing director Johan Trygve Solheim (past president FEDFA) was the previous webmaster of the FEDFA website




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