by Jaroslav Pokorádi


Our civil association – The Slovak Association of Deer Farming (SADF) was established in 2008 in Slovakia and we entered FEDFA on 1st January 2009.

Our association was created to unify ungulate game lovers, increase the efficiency of their production, protection of farm breeding, and for better access to information and to help farmers.

At present, the Slovak Association of Deer Farming has got 52 members and we are still expanding. Currently there are 16 farms registered in SADF, but with high probability the number is three times higher – from 1st January 2011 there will be a change in the legislation, shifting the principle of declaration to registration, thus we will have the exact number of red deer and fallow deer farms on record.

Basically, the aim of our farms is the same as anywhere else in Europe – venison / meat production or sale of live animals. We are trying high quality meat from controlled breeding for the market. The venison market in our country isn´t as widespread as e.g. the beef or pork market, but is gradually acquiring followers and hopefully SADF will in the following years help to get it to the top of meat sales.

SADF develop their activities throughout Slovakia and they also cooperate with associations from other European countries, which have the same mission as our association.

Our goal is to show people who are dedicated to breeding ungulates some ways of how they can increase the effectiveness of deer farming in Slovakia. SADF organizes a variety of educational and informational meetings in order to spread new information and innovation to the industry and provide consulting services in the field of nutrition, genetics and veterinary care of game.

For better access to information we publish a newsletter, where all the available information from specific deer farming sections from home and abroad can be found.

In the recent years, there has been a great boom in deer farming in Slovakia, but red deer, fallow deer and mouflon farms have existed here since the 1980´s. The Slovak Association of Deer Farming is trying to coordinate the farm activities and act as a neutral source of useful information and latest knowledge in the field. Deer farming has arrived in the spotlight and we endeavor to maintain this trend, but also retain its original meaning and uniqueness.


Dipl. Ing. Jaroslav Pokorádi, Ph.D.
Slovak Association of Deer Farming

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Jaroslav Pokoradi