Autumn meeting in Czech Republic 2008


Andreas Svensson and I from Sweden went to Prague two days before the meeting started. We hade a very interesting day on our arrival, when we followed Radium (Maugli) Kotrba in his daily work in different deer farms.


First we visited a research farm where we gathered some fallow deer for bloodn hormone sampling (see photo on the right). We also visited the university research farm in the vicinity of Prague. Photos of stags with different "equipment" and the guard dogs are also from the same place. We also had a quick visit to Maugl'is institution where he works under Prof. Ludec Bartoš.


On the first day of the meeting we had a wonderful tour around the historical places in Prague guided by Ludec Bartoš. In the evening we had a splendid dinner with wine tasting.


On the second day we travelled quite a distance down to the very

southwest of the country, just at the border with Germany (Bavaria). On the way down we had a couple of stops.


We spent the eveneing and night at the most scenic deer farm I have ever seen. It was a farm located about 800 m above sea level on the very green slopes of a small mountain. Here our host had a big red deer farm and the rut was at its peek when we were there. The sounds of the stags echoed in a fantastic manner between the mountain sides.


Starting earaly in the evening and ending early next morning we had a fabulous party with venison at its best accompanied by god wines.


In summary this meeting was one of the very best I ever attended!


//Rolf Eriksson