AUTUMN MEETING IN POLAND 2006 Sept. 15th-17th


   This years meeting was hosted by the Polish Deer Farmers Ass. (PDFA) and located in the north of Poland in the area around the city of Goldap. The area is close to the Russianborder. The Russian enclave of Kalinigrad.  The area was earlier in the history know as East Prussia and belonged to Germany.

   The meeting started after arrival in the evening of the 15th Sept. with the formal MCM meeting at  the hotel i Goldap followed by dinner with traditionalPolish dishes and general socialising among the delgates.


   The second day started at the town house of Goldap where we were welcomed by the mayor of the city who gave a brief talk about the history of the area.

Prof. Andrzej Malczewski gave a lecture on "History of Deer Farming in Poland".

Andrzej Karwalala gave a lecture on "Chanses and Threats of Deer Farming in Poland".

Severeal members of FEDFA Managing Committée gave short lectures about problems found in European deer farming.

A representative of the Polish Secretary of Agriculture also lectured.


   After lunch we travelled by bus to the Rudziewicz Family Farm nor far fron Goldap. We spend the afternoon - evening there with a lot of entertainment and lots of good food and drinks. A most enjoyable day!


    On the third and last day we travelled quite a distance to the Wild Aninal Park in Kadzidlowo where we were welcomed by the fouder and owner and founder Prof. B Dybowskiego. He has spent many years in working with deer and produced hybrids between different deer species, e.g. vit red deer crossed with maral deer. Please se photos!


   Later in the afternoon we travelled on with the bus to Parasitological Institute Research Station of Polish Academy of Science in Kosewo Górne where we were welcomed by Dr Bartlomiej Dmuchowski who is responsible for the research work on this farm. He guided us around the big farm and talked about the work done there. The visit ended with a lovely garden dinner with different dishes of venision cooked over an open fire.


  After a long day followed a long bus trip back to Goldap and the delegates started their journey back home.


A big thank you to our Polish hosts!


//Rolf Eriksson