The vild deer outside the fence was a new one for me when he turned up att the fence. He was the fourth wild stag we have seen so far. He was given the name PELTOR.

Our own deer (not quite identified - thus John Doe) is the dark, "muddy" stag.

This video is obtained at dusk in the very last 10 min of light. In the end I could not see the stags with my naked eyes. This showes the tremendous potential there is in modern digital video.

Filmed on the evening 2011-09-16

Camera:        Canon EOS 7D

Lens:             Canon 100-400 mm/4,5-5,6L

Micropfone:   Sennheiser MKE 400

Edinted in:     ADOBE Premiere Pro CS5

© Rolf Eriksson 2011